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"AHHHH!!!! This is such amazing news!!! I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!! I truly can't thank you enough!!!!!"
Antonio Pantoja, Director of Feature Film 'One Must Fall'

"We are super happy, thank you for your interest and appreciation towards our movie 'The Letters.'
Also, thank you for the personalized notification and all. We recommend this festival!"
Terez Koncz, Writer/Director of "The Letters"

"Excellent Festival. Great Communication all round."
Adam Ciancio, Writer/Director of Short Film "Limerence"

"Thank you for the winning awards and nominations ~ very happy!"
Elliot Spencer, Director of Documentary Short "Impermanence"

"Very good experience. Good communication. Recommended."
Iván Sáinz-Pardo, Writer/Director of Short Film "Save"

"Honoured and humbled, thanks for taking the time to watch and thanks for the support - this goes
a long way in the extremely uphill battle of getting people to watch indie films!"
Eli Batalion, Writer/Director/Actor of Feature Film 'Appiness'

"I hope this email finds you and your team well. How is the festival going? I'm not sure if you
remember me from a few years ago, it was a script I entered but I wanted you to know that your festival,
one of the first festivals I had ever been in, was life changing."
Tiffany Rhodes, Screenwriter and Actress

"Thank you tremendously for this decision and award! It has meant quite a lot to receive this honor for my hard work
and most importantly, my story. Thank you!"
Christian Pavlik, Screenwriter of "Breathe" and "The Last Pirate"

"Thank you so much Top Indie Film Awards!
On behalf of Team 'Quintessential The Movie' we are honored, appreciative, and grateful for you guys and these nominations."
Sammie Johnson, Writer/Director of Feature Film 'Quintessential'

"Wow! What a quick response. Amazing.
Thank you so much for the awards. I am extremely happy."
Yoginee Arul, Director of Short Film "AH"

"Thank you very much for giving such an honour to my film 'The Saver.' I can't thank you enough.
The best of luck for you on running your amazing film festival!"
Roman Xing, Director of Short Film "The Saver"

"Amazing festival! Happy to be involved with."
Danny MAlin, Writer/Director/Actor of Short Film "Movie Kiss Moment"

"If you have an indie movie this is the festival to send to, especially since it's listed on imdb.com. It caters to
low budget films from around the world."
Tihoni Brcic, Director of Documentary Short "Two Pink Lines"

"This is an amazing festival with wonderful people behind the scenes and some really talented filmmakers presenting their work."
Paul Kelly, Writer/Director of Short Film "Now"

"Great festival!!! It was an honor to be part of it! Highly recommended!!!"
Davide Melini, Writer/Director of Short Film "Lion"

"It was a great experience to be part of this film festival. I look forward to submitting my next film soon."
Karan Choudhary, Writer/Director/Actor of Short Film "New York'd"

"Quality Film Festival. Great response."
Forrest Tuff, Director of Documentary Short "Released"

"Great Festival! Also great communication!"
Debbie Sutcliffe, Writer/Actress of Short Film "South of Swan Creek"

"Glad and proud to be part of it."
Guido Maria Giordano, Screenwriter of '1000: The Sword in the Stone'

"I having nothing but Fantastic things to say about the TOP INDIE FILM AWARDS. It's everything that I was hoping for in a FF.
It helped create a buzz that helped in putting my film WOMEN THE POWER PARADIGM on the media's radar. Thank you so much!"
Bob Bryan, Director of Documentary Feature 'Women: The Power Paradigm'

"Good communication. Great feedback. Honour and recognition on IMDb. We'll be back!"
Jason Seelmann, Writer/Director of Short Film "The One I Adore"

"Lots of stars for Top Indie, which epitomizes indie all the way. Cordial staff with eye for originality. Was blessed to be a
part of it a few months back. Thanks, Top Indie!!"
Michael Boston, Writer/Producer/Director/Actor of Short Film "The Guitar"

"Lovely people and great communication! Will participate again!"
Carmen Silva, Actress of Short Film "Dark is the Night"

"Amazing festival and professional working."
Orwa Alahmad, Writer/Director of Short Film "Final Letter"

"This festival is wonderful because they are highly selective in the quality of films they choose.
I am proud that this festival sets exceedingly high standards in the cinematic medium. Thank you for
continuing to host this festival. I love it and encourage other filmmakers to submit."
Alicia Hayes, Writer/Director of Short Film "The Look"

"Was a privilege to be a part of this festival and an honor to have won an award."
Matthew Marshall, Writer/Director of Short Film "Tuned In"

"A really nice Festival. Thanks for everything!!"
André Auler, Director of Documentary Short "Faces of a Conflict"

"If you're like us, you've probably already maxed-out your credit cards just to make your love project into a film.
Why spend more than you need to in order to promote it. Film festivals can get very expensive. But the Top Indie Film Awards
gives you the best possible results without having to pay an arm and a leg to get them."
John Henry Richardson, Writer/Director of Feature Film '...Where is she now?'

"Top Indie Film awards is an excellent platform for Indie film makers. Communication is great and we had such
a great experience with our first short 'The Dead Bird' that we submitted our new short film 'Shiver.'
Great experience both times, thank you."
Damian Overton, Writer/Director of Short Film "The Dead Bird"

"Thank you so much for the awards and support of indie filmmakers!"
John H. Kim, Director of Short Film "Maitre d"

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